Welcome to Street Law Centre WA 

Welcome to Street Law Centre WA Inc (Street Law). We are a Community Legal Centre (CLC) whose mission is to increase access to justice for people experiencing or are at risk of homelessness by providing free and confidential legal information, advice and case work. Street Law also offers comprehensive community legal education and seeks to address systemic legal issues through its law reform and advocacy campaign.


Ann-Margaret Walsh

Principal Solicitor.


How to use the induction program

This Module (Module One) has been designed to induct all new volunteers, secondees and members of staff into Street Law so that before you begin, you:

  • Have an understanding of the nature of Community Legal Centres (CLCs), homelessness, and Street Law; and
  • Have a knowledge of the practical information of Street Law’s various process and procedures.


Depending on your role, you may be required to complete Module Two. Module Two is specifically designed to induct volunteers, secondees and staff who have legal roles at Street Law. Please confirm with your supervisor if you are unsure which modules you are required to do.


You don’t need to race through the induction; take your time when reading the information, explore the program, and follow the links. This module and other information will be readily available to you throughout your time at Street Law either on this website, or at your work station.