• Is anyone chasing you for money? Such as the public transport authority, the fines and enforcement registry, the court, or Baycorp.
  • Do you have any payment due or unpaid accounts? Eg: Centrelink, car loan, rent with the Housing Authority.
  • Do you think you can repay your debt? What factors are making it hard to do so?
  • Possible advice we can negotiate with the agency to withdraw debts for a certain reason, put debt on hold for hardship or enter into payment arrangements.

Fines and Infringements

  • Have you received any court fines?
  • Have you received any infringements?
  • Are you currently paying off a debt to the Fines Enforcement Registry? If so, how are you doing so?
  • How would you like to deal with your outstanding fines?


  • Are you on the Department of Communities Housing priority list or wait list?
  • Have you been evicted recently? If so, why?
  • Do you have unpaid rent or tenant liability owning to the Department of Housing?


  • Have you had any contact with the police recently? For example, have you been questioned or arrested?
  • Are you due in Court? If so, when and what for?
  • Have you missed any court dates? If so, when and what for?
  • Are you aware of any outstanding warrants in your name?
  • Are you on any court orders? like a restraining order?


  • Have you been the victim of a crime? If so, when and did you report it to the police?
  • Has CIC contacted you about owing money?


Do you need your ID documents? (Birth certificate, Photo ID etc)
  • what documents do you have?
  • if BC – where were you born, do you know your parents name?