Induction Module Two

Welcome to the Induction Module Two Quiz. Please note that you will need a 100% score on the quiz in order to complete the module and commence work at Street Law.

What is the purpose of Triage? (click all that apply)

When triaging the 1800 line I need to complete which of the following if it is a new client: (select all that apply)

When obtaining personal information over the phone for a new client you should explain to them that the information is….

If a current client rings up what is your role? (select all that apply)

When speaking to new client on the advice line which of the following must you say: (select all that apply)

If a client rings up with new contact details, which of the following needs to be done? (select all that apply)

What do you do If a client rings up requesting advice on a legal issue Street Law does not assist in? (Click all that apply)

You must always double check a client’s contact number, DOB and correct spelling of their name.

If there is an additional/related party to a client’s matter, you need to complete a conflict check for the additional/related party?

What should you do when there is a potential conflict when speaking to a client?

A new client rings the advice line, do you need to complete a conflict check on CLASS?

You should always confirm what is the best way to get in contact with a client

When speaking to a client you should use legal jargon

If a client’s first language is not English and they require an interpreter, what should you do?

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