It is imperative to note that due to the nature of the work that Street Law conducts and the way in which the service operates, the address of the Street Law office is strictly confidential. This means that the address of the office must not be disclosed to clients. You must also ensure that anyone who does have access to our street address is aware of its confidentiality.

Additionally, you must not disclose information obtained in the course of your employment other than for official purposes.

You may disclose information if:

  • It is obtained in the course of your employment that is normally given to clients seeking that information;
  • You are required to do so by law; or
  • Proper authority has been given.

You will be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement during your induction.

Please only use our postal address when required:

PO Box 6236, East Perth WA 6892


Getting to Street Law & parking

There is no free parking at the Street Law office building. However, parking is available at the Royal Street Car Park (158 Royal Street East Perth) for $3.50 per hour, or $10.00 per day.  There are also various other carparks located nearby, each with their own rates and fees. See the Wilson Car Park website, or the City of Perth Parking website to find out more information. Be mindful that these car parks can fill up quite early (around 8.30am).

There is street parking available at $3.80 per hour, for a maximum of two hours.

If you are catching public transport the yellow cat bus route (or the 960) stops close to the building – get off at the Wellington Fair stop (Stop No 27). The building is also within walking distance of McIver train station.



Hours of work

Street Law’s working office hours are between 9:00am and 5:00pm from Monday to Friday.


If you are unable to attend your scheduled day, please advise Street Law as soon as possible by leaving a message on (08) 9221 7661 and sending an email to both and

Secondees – Please ensure that you additionally inform your pro bono coordinator if you are unable to attend.

All staff and volunteers are to take a half hour lunch break between 12.00 PM and 2.00 PM.

Street Law promotes a healthy work-life balance and working overtime is not encouraged.

PLEASE NOTE – Depending on whether you are due to attend a legal clinic, you may be asked to come to the office prior to 9:00am.


Pro Bono Database

You will need to log your hours into the Pro Bono Database (Excel Spreadsheet) every day. The spreadsheet is located on every SLS Server desktop.

Find the applicable tab for you at the bottom of the spreadsheet.


Personal appearance and presentation

As a volunteer or member of staff at Street Law you are a representative of the organisation. It is vital that you maintain a high standard of personal appearance. This means an appropriately professional standard in:

  • The clothes you wear.
  • Your grooming.
  • Your personal hygiene.
  • Your general behaviour and manner.

If you look like you don’t care for your appearance, it may send a message that you don’t care for your job or for the clients. Also ensure that your body language and tone of voice sends positive messages.

The Street Law dress code is smart casual. Wearing less formal clothing to legal clinics helps to break down barriers and make clients feel more relaxed and comfortable during the meeting. Please do not wear high heels to any legal clinics.


Building and office policies and facilities

The Street Law office is a part of the Claisebrook Lotteries House. There are multiple organisations operating over two floors within the building. The majority of the facilities (kitchen, bathroom etc.) are shared with the other organisations in the building.



  • Dial 11 then # on the intercom to buzz the office
  • Someone will answer the intercom and either open the door remotely from the office, or they will come and meet you at the door
  • Press * to hang up the call.

The Street Law office door must remained locked at all times, even when you are using the kitchen or toilets. You must take the office key with you every time you leave the office so that you can get back in. If you need to leave the building itself, a communal swipe card is available. Please make sure the swipe card is put back after each use.



Many of the organisations within the building don’t meet clients on site. As a result, the following building policy applies:

  • Where possible, do not let anyone else into the building when you enter or exit.
  • If someone asks you where or how to access a particular office, direct them to the intercom outside. Where possible, do not let them into the building, and ask them to wait outside. However, in the event someone does follow you into the building when you come in, you are under no obligation to stop them. If you feel unsure, please inform the office coordinator.



  • The toilets and the kitchen are located at the end of the corridor on the second floor and are shared with other organisations within the building
  • The kitchen includes a fridge, microwave, coffee machine, toaster, and utensils.
  • Please follow the rules pinned to the wall when using the shared facilities.
  • The Street Law office itself contains another fridge which is reserved for Street Law staff and volunteers.
  • At the back of the Street Law office there is a stationary cabinet which all Street Law staff and volunteers can utilise as needed.