Fire evacuation plan & safety plans

If you hear a fire alarm please calmly leave the building immediately. A fire warden and other trained staff will guide you and you must obey their directions. The fire warden is responsible for checking all occupants have evacuated the building.

The Claisebrook Lotteries House Emergency Procedure layouts for both levels of the building are pinned on the wall directly across from the printer in the office. The contacts for the building’s fire wardens and first aid officers are also pinned up from across the printer.

Fire extinguishers are located outside in the corridor and inside the office near the front door.

The assembly area is outside of the building on Moore Street next to the coffee shop. Remain there until you are given directions to leave.



The best way to minimise accidents and injuries in the workplace is through prevention. If you see a hazard, you must report it immediately. If you are injured in the workplace, it is important to report the details and circumstances of the injury as soon as possible after the injury occurs. If you are injured at the office or at a legal clinic (after receiving first aid) please lodge an Incident Report.

Please ask our Office Coordinator for assistance with filing an Incident Report.

Additionally, you can request a copy of Street Law’s HR Policy ‘Safety and Critical Incidents (HR-POL-08)’ for more information.



There are two First Aid Kits in the building, one for each floor. The First Aid Kit on the second floor (where the Street Law’s office is located) can be found in the communal kitchen. If someone requires first aid, it is the responsibility of the person’s work colleagues to contact the ambulance service if deemed necessary, and the incident must be reported to the Principal Solicitor.