Welcome to the Induction Module One Quiz. Please note that you will need 100% on the quiz in order to complete the module and commence work at Street Law.

Your name
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Street Law’s office address is confidential.

The SasH program is a joint initiative between –

CLC stands for _____________.

Why does Street Law go to outreach legal clinics? (Select all correct answers)

External calls can only be made from (Select all correct answers) –

Emails from volunteer email addresses can only ever be sent internally.

What is the best way to conduct a phone call to a third party (such as court, the police, etc.)?

Other than the strict rule of no high heels at legal clinics, what type of dress code does Street Law encourage?

How can you best ensure that you are upholding confidentiality at Street Law?

If the building is being evacuated due to fire or emergency, where is the assembly point?

The Converge program is –

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