Volunteering at Street Law

We’re looking for final year law students or graduates to help us out over the next six months.

We’re a little different here at Street Law. As we are a small team, you may have to start working on tasks before getting briefed on them. The circumstances our clients are in, and how they got there can be confronting.

Also, while we do only help people experiencing or at risk of homelessness, we cover a wide range of legal areas. There are many common issues we see, but you may also be required to research a new, very specific area of the law.

Some examples off the top of our head are:

  • Can you argue that the corner of the public park you sleep in is your dwelling, if you’ve been sleeping there for over six months?
  • Can you access a coroner’s report of a family member if you are, but don’t have identification to prove you are immediate family of the deceased?
  • Can you that argue that using everyday swear words is not disorderly conduct?

If our description hasn’t scared you off, you should definitely look to apply. We normally only take final year law students, but may consider other years depending on your experience in dealing with challenging issues, the homelessness sector and experience with a range of clients.




Please look through the role description here (Street Law Volunteer Role Description), and send your CV and cover letter to adminassist@streetlawcentre.org.au


This must be submitted before 5pm on the 26th of April 2019.


Your cover letter must address the Selection Criteria listed in the role description.


The following recruitment steps will happen if you are shortlisted:

  • A brief case-study will be sent to you, with a 48 hour window to respond
  • The likely dates for interviewing candidates will be 6th of May