2 Addressing Fines with FER

In relation to fines/infringements with FER (Fines Enforcement Registry) the following steps are required:-


STEP ONE: Contact FER to enquire about outstanding fines/infringements.

Due to long telephone wait times it is best to contact FER via email


FER will respond with the list of fines/infringements and total amount outstanding.

If you have an existing Case Number for any of the fines/infringements you can use eCourts Portal to get a list of outstanding fines/infringements: http://ecourts.justice.wa.gov.au/eCourtsPortal/ViewMyCases

This may also be used to determine if there are new fines/infringements after initial contact.


STEP TWO: Contact client to inform him/her of the total amount outstanding with FER and Baycorp.

Inform the client of potential further consequences that may occur if the fine/infringement remains unpaid.

  • Additional fees
  • Suspension of drivers licence/vehicle license
  • Immobilisation of vehicle
  • Publication of name on a website
  • Seizure and sale of property
  • An order to undertake community service (fine only)
  • Imprisonment (fine only)


STEP THREE: Discuss with the client the repayment options for FER fines/infringements that are available. The options available to the client will depend on whether the debt originates from a court ordered fine or an infringement notice.

Court Ordered Fine: The client will have the option to enter a Time to Pay Plan or a Work Development Order/Community Work. Imprisonment is both a consequence and an option for repayment.

Infringement Notice: The client will only be able to enter into a Time to Pay Plan.

NOTE: If a client has outstanding fines/infringements with FER and Baycorp it is not possible to negotiate that the FER fines/infringements be suspended until the Baycorp fines/infringements are paid off. The client needs to enter into 2 separate agreements


Time-to-Pay Plan

This involves payment by regular instalments that are deducted from the client’s Centrelink payment. The amount of the instalments can be negotiated based on income and liability but must be a minimum of $25 a fortnight (and possibly more depending on the amount outstanding and circumstances).

If a client wishes to pursue this they must complete:

Options for fines








Work and Development Order/Community Work

If a client is physically and mentally able they may be able to complete community service work to the satisfaction of their outstanding court ordered fines. This will require a client to work at least 6 hours for each $300 that remains unpaid. If more than 12 hours of work is required, the minimum weekly work period will be 12 hours.

Fines owed will be added to each other cumulatively, and the client must work off the total amount.

If a client wishes to pursue this they must complete:

  • A Request to Convert Court Fine form