3- Addressing fines with Baycorp

In relation to fines/infringements registered with Baycorp the following steps are required:-


STEP ONE: Contact Baycorp in regards to any outstanding fines/infringements that have been referred to them by FER. Baycorp can be contacted on 08 6103 2802.

You will need to provide the client’s name, date of birth, an authority to act and if available their address/previous address and customer reference number.


STEP TWO: Baycorp will require the client to go through a financial assessment process. This will require the client to:

  • Complete a statement of financial position form that will outline all incomes and liabilities
  • Provide any income statements (including Centrelink statements)
  • Provide mortgage details, rent receipts, lease agreements
  • Provide outstanding accounts statement with balance and payment plan
  • Provide bank statements for all bank accounts for the previous 3 months
  • Provide court papers or medical reports or proof of injury claim etc.


STEP THREE: Discuss with the client the repayment options for Baycorp fines/infringements that are available.

Court Ordered Fine: The client will be required to enter an Instalment Repayment Agreement or a Work and Development Order (Community Work). If not, they may be at risk of imprisonment.

Infringement Notice: The client will be required to enter an Instalment Repayment Agreement.

At present Baycorp as a private debt collection agency does not have the capacity to deduct instalments from Centrelink payments through the Centrepay process. Therefore a repayment process must be set up by the client with Baycorp either by direct debit or BPay.


NOTE: Once a repayment plan has been established with FER/Baycorp any new fines/infringements accrued by a client will not automatically be bundled into the plan. The client must phone FER/Baycorp to arrange the inclusion of the new fines/infringements into the plan to avoid a licence suspension or additional fees.


Current FER policy is to put FER debt on hold until the Baycorp debt has been paid. This is not reflected in regulation, and is not guaranteed.