1. What is Triaging?

Purpose of Triage

Triage is the practice of “sorting” and then responding to client’s legal and non-legal issues. Typically, Street Law Clients will present with a range of legal and non-legal issues. Triaging all of these issues enables our staff to:

  • Identify the legal issues Street Law Can help with.
  • Identify the legal issues Street Law cannot help with and therefore enable us to refer the client to other legal and non-legal services who can assist the client.
  • Prioritise matters in circumstances where demand for services outstrips capacity.


Summary of Triage Process

  1. Conduct Conflict Check
  2. determine whether the client is eligible for our services – See Referral Guide
  3. If appropriate to provide referrals to other service providers (legal and non-legal) – See Chapter 3. Referrals
  4. Provide initial advice; and
  5. To log in CLASS the details of the caller, whether they are given one off advice/ a referral/ general information/ or are deemed to be eligible for the service and will be given ongoing assistance


Triaging occurs primarily over the phone at Street Law, but also occurs when people reach out to us at legal clinics.


Street Law relies on all staff and volunteers to answer incoming calls and to direct them appropriately.