7. Telephone interpreter

AGENCY NAME: Street Law Centre WA


How to access immediate phone interpreting:

  1. Call 131 450
  2. Quote the client code and agency name
  3. Provide the name of the non-English speaker (Can be kept confidential)
  4. Advise of the language required


How to pre-book a phone interpreter (minimum 30 minute):

  1. Must be done in writing
  2. Online interpreter booking form: http://www.tisnational.gov.au/Agencies/Forms-for-agencies/New-Job-booking-form
  3. Provide as much notice as possible
  4. Provide an email address for correspondence when you make your booking as the confirmation will be sent by email
  5. Cancellations for pre-booked must be made in writing at least 24 hours in advance or the DSS will incur a fee.


For any questions or enquiries about the Free Interpreting Service please contact TIS National Language policy liaison on 1300 575 847 or email: tis.language.policy.liaison@immi.gov.au.